It’s Real.

Love radiates in all different ways Photo by Ellen Chang

Laverne Moore is a chosen vessel with a special gift from God. Her encounter with the Savior has fostered a passion within that you can hear in her voice, see in her life, and experience in her writings. I have personally experienced her insightful wisdom from God, and it assisted me in my growth as a Christian. Laverne’s life has had its share of difficulties, nevertheless, her encounter with the True and Living God has empowered her to stand and be triumphant. Thankfully, Laverne has taken the time to compile her experiences in a book that will inspire, motivate, excite, and awaken your senses so that you will develop your intimacy with God and arise to your divine calling and destiny. 

—Elker L. Harris, Pastor Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Stuart 

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