God Encounters Are Real

As a cancer survivor, retired healthcare entrepreneur and business owner brings a non-fiction adventure to you in the book, “God Encounters Are Real.” This book is a compilation of my personal encounters with God.  It was written to inform the skeptics, the believers, nonbelievers and those who are unsure what to believe when it comes to the unexplainable events or miracles.  There are several encounters with the unexplained that have proven to be true throughout the course of my life.  There were times, God was directing me to say something or give information to someone and I was not sure what to say. I was afraid and I doubted myself, thus doubting God. Eventually I would deliver the message as plain and clear as I received it. The same question was asked over and over again, “How do you know these things about me?” My response was always the same, ” It’s not from me. It’s all about Him. I cannot explain it, it’s God’s business.”

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